AI & HR Roundtable

The future is here, are you ready?


We explore

AI has taken great strides in recent years. But what does it really mean for those of us who work in HR in one way or another? How will it affect the workplace?Over the course of four sessions, we will explore AI and HR.We will start by examining what AI is and then delve into how AI will impact us and our work lives, both now and in the future.

We meet


All meetings will take place online.You can participate from home, the office, the beach, or wherever is convenient for you. Meetings will be held on Google Hangouts, and I will facilitate the discussions while you contribute your insights and thoughts.

We'll meet these dates:15 april
22 april
29 april
6 maj

The topics that will be


  • What is AI?

  • What will AI mean for HR?

  • What tools are available?

  • What are the disadvantages of AI?

  • What are the advantages of AI?

  • What does the future hold for AI and HR?



Four 1-hour sessions.
The online training
Quarterly exclusive live webinar.
Invitation to HR & AI Network.



If, like me, you believe that AI is a part of the future of HR, this is where you can sign up to learn more.The four sessions is 6995 SEK (ex VAT)



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